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Top 15 Female Characters of the Decade

Tags: tv: bones, tv: degrassi, tv: glee, tv: gossip girl, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: hannah montana, tv: one tree hill, tv: skins, tv: south of nowhere, tv: the oc, tv: the office, tv: wizards of waverly place
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Love Rachel and Emma, of course. But I gotta say, I simple am in awe/love with Emily as Brennan. She does such a wonderful job with a role that could be taken as a stick in the mud. She makes her so interesting and fantastic, and accidentally funny. Her heart is one of my favourite things about the character because they really show that she's such a good person and she truly understands things when it comes down to the important stuff. Plus she's just so damned quirky and adorkable. ♥
I don't really watch the Disney shows, but I find the ranking of Rachel Berry and Emma Pillsbury so perfect. They are beautiful, inspiring, adorable characters. And though I love Glee with all my heart, I completely agree with your choice of Temperance Brennan as #1. She's definitely one of the best-written and acted characters on television today. ♥
Yay Brennan~! <3

I'm with you on letting her break down. What I actually want to see is she and Booth seperated for a couple of episodes- so we can see both of them degrade-, so she can finally realize how she was before him and how much she loves him. And vice-versa for him. Seeing both of them loose it- Oh, especially if Brennan had a new partner and he was incompetant and got her kidnapped (but she'd kick his @ss after McGavering her way out the situation- would make my freaking year.

See that, there? That's shipping. I ship them WAY to hard. =D And it's the reason I no longer write fiction.
Wow. Your comment is intensely amazing. I feel like you ripped thoughts out of my brain but made them make sense. I want this too! :D

Oh and btw, imo, there's no such thing as shipping BB too much! ;)
Love your list :) Effy, Blair, Rachel, Emma and Haley <3
I love it!!!!!!
Blair, Brooke, Effy, Taylor and Haley are definitely in my top 10 too!
Yay. So many awesome women on this list.

And of course HJS should be that far up. She really is an simple character that's amazing because of how Joy plays her. And I'm glad that she's getting some of her own stuff this season at least!
Rachel, Pam, Brooke, Ashley, Emma ♥ This is beautiful, bb!
Blair and Yalor in one spam? EXCELLENT WORK!


January 20 2010, 08:10:46 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  January 20 2010, 08:11:11 UTC

I wholeheartedly agree with Emily being #1. She is exceptional! :D You make me want to do one of these lists too! :)
Oh my goD!!!!!!!! That is a fantastic list! You've got here all my fav girls - Pam, Rachel, Haley And TAYLOR!!!!!!!!! And my latest obsession - Alex LOL You chose lines perfectly for each one. They all somehow sum up characters into few words, amazing job!!!)

And pics you chose - ohhh, some of them still make me laugh, some of them cry and some still break my heart...... this list is full of emotions and so beautiful, thank you for this fantastic work!!!)
Lilly, Alex, Taylor, Brooke, Pam, Blair, Rachel, Emma, Haley, and Brennan, yesssssss.
Great post! I love Brooke, Haley, and Pam.
Eep! Blair, Rachel, Emma, Brooke, Hayley, Taylor, and Alex Russo? So many same fandoms. I flove this list! <3 :) I agree with almost everything (except my list would probably include Quinn Fabray and Summer Roberts) but whatever, your list is awesome, gorgeous, flawless, etc. <3
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