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Top 15 Female Characters of the Decade

Tags: tv: bones, tv: degrassi, tv: glee, tv: gossip girl, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: hannah montana, tv: one tree hill, tv: skins, tv: south of nowhere, tv: the oc, tv: the office, tv: wizards of waverly place
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Totally agree with you on what you said about Rachel and Emma (GLEE)
They rock! love them both so much!
Haley! <3 <3 <3 Rachel <3 <3
I couldn't agree more with you, especially with Brennan. She's awesome ^^
Brennan is #1 right? <3
Also Rachel! & Haley! & Emma & Balair & Effy <3
Effy! Effy! Effy! You are so right about the actress's abiity to pull of a scene with no words! Great list:)
firefly :|
Love that you put Addison and Bones on here.
Degrassi, South of Nowhere, and Gossip Girl- heck yes I love those shows! : )
true story: alex russo is hands-down the best thing to ever happen to the disney channel. i still find the premise of 'wizards' kind of lame, but DAMN. she is just so badass i end up watching every episode i see on.
I love the character of Temperance Brennan (oh yes she is annoying at times…but you can’t help but love her).

I also love the character development over the course of the series and look forward to those little moments when she actually shows the part of her she keeps hidden.

Kudos to Hart Hanson, for writing a show with multiple strong and intelligent female characters.
I guess those are your favorite characters, right?
It does seem a title like "My Favorite 15 Female Characters of the Decade" would be more fitting.
Addison i love her
and Bones, best show ever

i loved it, very cool =]
I agree with your Number 1 SO FREAKING MUCH <3
Guh, I agree with every single one (except for Ashley Kerwin...) but especially Taylor Townsend. She pretty much saved The OC and Autumn Reeser plays her perfectly!

WOOO BROOKE & HALEY ♥ Schwahn really needs to stop making Brookes life a living hell and give Haley a good storyline for once. Also, get Quinn off my screen asap and find a way to bring Sara back from the dead.

Rachel Berry. Girl is nuts but that's why she is so lovable.

Deleted comment

That's her opinion, obviously.


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7 years ago

Wow, I agree with Brooke, Haley, Tempi, Blair and Addy. :D

Lovely picspam. ♥
Awesome picspam! I love that Brennan made number one. I love her soooo much.
Hi bb. I love your list so much! Everything looks so precious and I love your Top5 <3
ps check this post:
Temperance, Haley and Brooke! Favorites.

I also loved the quote you used for Brennan. I remember when I first heard her say that line, I was dying from laughter. She has those amazing little moments.
Okay, I only actually love about six of these characters, but this is an amazing picspam! I love your choice of pictures and quotes, and I enjoyed reading each paragraph you wrote on each character. Going in my mems. =)
I agree with every single person you picked. Loved Emily and Effy. But"Bones" will always be #1!!
amazing picspam is amazing. You chose really cool characters.
Taylor, Brooke, Haley and Brennan <3

Rachel, Emma, Addison, Pam, BRENNAN <3 Bones will always be my number one. Heck, I even agree with the Disney choices. I really miss Addison being on Grey's, though. There, she was kickass. Now she always acts like she's been kicked in the ass. What happened to our HBIC?
lol, emily fitch's bangs look crooked.
i don't really like her on skins. but i kinda hated series 3, so...

i was getting kinda worried when i wasn't seeing haley james on the list, but there she is. relief!
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