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Demi Lovato 2009 Concert - Denver Pics

I am in the first pic, the one in the green and my niece is the one with the curled blonde hair, the other blonde girl is just some random girl I got a pic of when I was taking pics during the signing.

Also I have photos but I thought I would spare that, considering I ended up singing along and should not of done that.

My niece Mackenzie and I got there around 3:10 or so, maybe 3:05, and like waited outside by the box office for 20, then they let us in. Then like we waited until past 4, to get our tickets, VIP went first, cause well... Obvi! We met these girls in the line who were 15 and 16 and talked for a while we waited, they were pretty cool and yeah when I get excited I tend to talk a lot, but the sound check was after and that was fun, Demi answered a few questions, which was cool. But sorry to inform HP fans she is not a fan of the series/movies. LOL, that was amusing. The merchandise is stupid expensive BTW I spent $55 on myself, for a shirt [$30], tour book 2009 [$20], and like a picture for $5, had to give some money to my niece, and spend money on snacks, got a new outfit today, etc... So I spent like over $100 on merchandise, and food. Food was stupid expensive too, but anyways...

We all went in line for the meet and greet. Sorry to say they only allowed one autograph per person, but I am thinking of photo copying it and sending it out, if anyone would want that. But Demi is so sweet, she didn't say anything, but she was sweet. I got the autograph/pic taken, and was all excited, like LOLZ my niece made fun of me, I also think if I am remembered it will be the girl who had a lot of crap. [I had to put my stuff down, when I got up there, and made a comment about having a lot of crap with me, heh.]

But I come to find out some people who I met who I wish I would've gotten there names to add on facebook, cause I loved the dude... Got 2/3 autographs, so I ran back to where it was to see if i could try and do that, for the people I was trying and getting it for, but it was too late, cause I just missed her and she went backstage.

The concert started at 7:00, the opening was a band called KSM, they weren't bad, Then David Archelutta came on, at which point I had to go to the bathroom after a couple songs, and then freaked out for a few thinking I lost my ticket to get back in, I was hyperventilating, but found it in the pile of crap, in my purse. So yeah, then there was a 20 minute intermission before Demi went on.

Demi came on and started of with La La Land, [Love that song and it was the one I did a picspam too over at this comm so if you haven't yet, check it out/comment. Cause I'd love ya tons... More then I do now, which is a lot... HINT, HINT! Other songs she played: Trainwreck, Party, Gonna Get Caught, Until You're Mine, Solo, You Got Nothing On Me, Remember December, So Far So Great, Here We Go Again [Sonny With a Chance theme song] and a couple others. She did do This is Me and had a 5 yr old fan come up on stage to perform with her, it was so cute, and Demi is such a sweetie.

The last song she performed was Don't Forget, and yeah she sounded so good live. I tried to take as many pictures/vids as I could, but my camera kept dying, and girl moves around a lot, so a lot were blurred, but I got a few good ones. Then like near the end of the concert, some 17 yr old fan jumped up on staged and hugged Demi. Demi looked a little freaked and "WTF?" It was amusing, though I didn't see, just heard about it, and security had to take the girl off stage. LMAO, what a way to be remembered.

She also performed Gift of a Friend, which she dedicated to Selena. It was so cute.</center>
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